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Stopping Points in Suriname

Actually our system knows the following stopping points.
Click on the map map sr for geographical information.

To select click on location name.

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map_sr Afobakka  
map_sr Albina  
map_sr Alkmaar  
map_sr Alliance  
map_sr Anna Maria  
map_sr Atjoni  
map_sr Berg en Dal  
map_sr Berlijn  
map_sr Bersaba  
map_sr Bigi Poika  
map_sr Billiton  
map_sr Bomba-Psb  
map_sr Bomba-Zand  
map_sr Boskamp  
map_sr Braak  
map_sr Brokopondo  
map_sr Brownsweg  
map_sr Burnside  
map_sr Calcutta  
map_sr Carolina  
map_sr Cassipora  
map_sr Coppenamepunt  
map_sr Corneliskondre  
map_gy Corriverton   Guyana
map_sr Creola  
map_sr Dang-Tapoe  
map_sr Domburg  
map_sr Donerkamp  
map_sr Groningen  
map_sr Groot Henar  
map_sr Houttuin  
map_sr Jarikaba  
map_sr Jodensavanne  
map_sr Kampong Baroe  
map_sr Kraka  
map_sr Kwakoegron  
map_sr Langa Hoekoe  
map_sr Leiding  
map_sr Lelydorp  
map_sr Livorno  
map_sr Maho  
map_sr MariŽnburg  
map_sr Mata  
map_sr Meerzorg  
map_sr Moengo  
map_sr Nieuw Amsterdam  
map_sr Nieuw Nickerie  
map_sr Onverdacht  
map_sr Onverwacht  
map_sr Oposeilangahoekoe  
map_sr Paradijs  
map_sr Paramaribo  
map_sr Paranam  
map_sr Perica  
map_sr Pikien Santi  
map_sr Pikin Saron  
map_sr Potribo  
map_sr Powakka  
map_sr Ricanaumoffo  
map_sr Rijsdijk  
map_gf Saint-Laurent du Maroni   French Guiana
map_sr Santigron  
map_sr Smal Kalden  
map_sr Sorgvliet  
map_sr Spieringshoek  
map_sr Tamaredjo  
map_sr Tamarin  
map_sr Totness  
map_sr Uitkij  
map_sr Wageningen  
map_sr Wanhati  
map_sr Wayambo Rivier  
map_sr Wiesawinie  
map_sr Zanderij  

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