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Stopping Points in Bermuda

Actually our system knows the following stopping points.
Click on the map map bm for geographical information.

To select click on location name.

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map bmairport busstop  Airport   L.F. Wade International Airport
map bmbusstop  Aquarium - Zoo  
map bmbusstop  Arboretum  
map bmbusstop  Barnes Corner  
map bmport  Belmont Ferry  
map bmbusstop  Blackwatch Pass  
map bmbusstop  Boaz Island  
map bmport  Cavello Bay  
map bmbusstop  Cedar Hill  
map bmbusstop  Clear Water Beach  
map bmbusstop  Cobbs Hill  
map bmbusstop  Collectors Hill  
map bmport  Darrell's Wharf  
map bmbusstop  Devil's Hole  
map bmport busstop  Dockyard  
map bmbusstop  Elbow Beach  
map bmbusstop  Flatts Village  
map bmbusstop  Grotto Bay  
map bmbusstop  Gunner's Park  
map bmport busstop  Hamilton  
map bmbusstop  Harrington Sound School  
map bmport  Hodsdon's Ferry  
map bmbusstop  Hospital  
map bmbusstop  John Smith's Bay  
map bmbusstop  Knapton Hill  
map bmport  Lower Ferry  
map bmbusstop  Mid-Ocean Club  
map bmbusstop  North Shore Village  
map bmbusstop  Old Devonshire Church  
map bmbusstop  Ord Road  
map bmbusstop  Perfume Factory  
map bmbusstop  Pond Road  
map bmbusstop  Prospect  
map bmport  Rockaway  
map bmbusstop  Rockaway Ln  
map bmport  Salt Kettle  
map bmbusstop  Somerset  
map bmbusstop  Somerset Bridge  
map bmbusstop  Sonesta Beach  
map bmbusstop  South Share Park  
map bmbusstop  Southside Gate 1  
map bmbusstop  Spanish Point  
map bmport busstop  St. David's  
map bmbusstop  St. David's Battery  
map bmbusstop  St. David's Lighthous  
map bmport busstop  St. George's  
map bmbusstop  Tucker's Point  
map bmbusstop  Warwick  
map bmport busstop  Watford Bridge  
map bmbusstop  Zuill's Park  

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